Bob B's Barbecue Sauce

Our barbecue sauce was inspired by a southern recipe in the Oaklahoma City tradition. It's slightly sweet, a little spicey, and there is just a touch of apple cider vinegar for that authentic southern flavor.

We added lots of fresh herbs and garlic to spice it up. If you want it extra spicey, just add a little Bob's BBQ Spice Rub and it will definitely have a kick.

Ketchup, Brown Sugar
Garlic,Worcestershire Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bob B's Spice Rub, Lemon Thyme, Oregano, Pepper, Salt
and Bay Leaves

This sauce is so good you will be eating it on everything

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California, Ancho, Guajillo, De Arbol & Red New Mexico Chiles, Lemon Tyme, Oregano, Bay Leaves, Garlic, Salt, Pepper & Brown Sugar

Just a small amount will flavor instantly and a good portion will make explosions of flavor